RM- Technologies LLC  San Diego, Ca.

Technology Solutions - system design, component selection, assembly and service integration.

RM Technologies LLC
P.O. Box 500486
San Diego, California
760 317-0572

Richard Who?

Richard is an innovator taking technology from one source and appling it in an unanticipated application somewhere else. The resulting technology is a mixture of software and hardware specific to a business communication situation. This integration of a system is very complex and unique, but it does a job superior to any canned solution. I do it because I can, and many people can't. I do it because business needs it. I do it so I can make a living. I am a Republican with my own cadre of Democrats to support.


Richard McGranahan, Founder and COO of RM-TechnologiesLLC.

I integrate technologies into solutions for financial and information services.  I have been doing this since 1966 when I was recruited by Ross Perot to join EDS in Topeka, Kansas.  I had the chance to help automate portions of the New York Stock Exchange computer systems, the Cleveland, Ohio Police Departments Information Services Systems, Kimberly Clark forest inventory management systems, and then the American Express Communications Systems.   Continued ...






























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